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Willow Gambler Hat

Willow Gambler Hat

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Our most popular shape for both in and out of the arena. Pure beaver or blend 50 percent with Wild European hair, a much stronger option for a blended hat. Unlike store bought hats with no beaver content, these hats will hold their shape for years and are very easy to maintain. I prefer a pure beaver hat, as it has the ability to shed water and is barbed, having the ability to interlock when ironed and steamed. Choose between a blended felt, or pure beaver for long lasting quality!

The Gambler Hat is a classic Old West shape, reminiscent of poker games in a ghost town bar halls and shoot outs at dusk! Feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof! These hats look great in both 4 and 4.5 inch brims. Try it with one of our wide beaded bands or a 5 inch brim for a very unique classic style Spanish hat. (Hatbands are not included, you can check them out on the Hatbands page).

Hats can take months to create, as this is a custom build.  we have to order the felt bodies from the nest in the nation, and currently they are very, very busy.  Sometimes we can get them out sooner, but due to the felt manufacturers timing we cannot guarantee exact dates. Please understand that we are always working to get your order out as soon as we can. Custom orders are not refundable.

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