Our Story

My story starts sitting on a film shoot, somewhere in East Asia, realizing that I needed to do something more purposeful with my life. I prayed a lot asking what I should do, and kept dreaming about horses, I knew I needed to get back to my roots. Two months later I moved to Durango Colorado where I cut my teeth as a rancher and outfitter. Let me tell you there is nothing better to teach you morality, work ethics and grit, than about 10 years of 16 hour days! I remember walking thru the 100's of saddles on the ranch, intrigued with the old 1800's high back saddles fender leathers, silver spotted parade bridles, Comstock and Visalia concho's and old pawn silver.  Each spring we would clean out the old saddle latigos and I thought to myself, this Must be repurposed! I began saving and collecting, and out of this love sprung a creative, heartfelt  journey called Brit West.  I now travel to barns and saddle shops, always in search for the 1800's teamster driving reins,  and old retired cowboy leathers,that were used to form the American West. 100 year old leather requires hours of reclaiming, cleaning, conditioning, skiving, sanding and sealing to produce the back drops for our cuffs, hatbands, and belts. After too many "Critter Crunches" and a divorce I had to leave the ranch, I left the hard physical work breaking colts and bucking hay, to pursue my life as a creative. It wasn't easy, but I set goals, and told myself I would have my life back. I did not listen to the doctors that told me I would never ride again, or people who said I couldn't have my own ranch. I persevered and hope that my story inspires other young woman to truly ask what their purpose is and pursue it. I am really a one woman show, surrounded by amazing people who help along the way. Somehow we get thru setting shows, breakdown, and driving hours thru snowstorms to bring you our newest creations! So greatful for our great team, and Baby Jax!

When you find your bliss abundance will follow. 

The rest of the story.... While healing from injuries, I worked with O'Farrell's hat shop in Durango,   learned the in's and out's of the hat trade, and began building hatbands. That is really what inspired the entire line!  The excitement of designing and creating these images that start in the mind's eye, really drives me. Our mission to produce quality, "classic and timeless" western art, the kind of product you will pass down thru generations, and cherish forever, is our goal. Handcrafting is fast becoming a lost art in our world of instant gratification and over sea factory production, but I have long held fast in continuing to produce in house, and working with US artisans to create these visions. My goal is to thrill you with photography, inspired by our western lifestyle. From native elders in Monument Valley to Cowgirls at a branding, or one of my 50's GMC trucks, I hope you enjoy the imagery as my skills and knowledge grow. Creativity keeps us in touch with our soul, and our purpose here, I hope it inspires you too!

Focusing on what we choose to create, and being  grateful for the blessings along the way, is the key to our success.  I want to thank everyone who has helped us, and thank you for allowing us to create for you! Made in the USA, better yet, "Made in Wyoming!"