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Pebble Choker

Pebble Choker

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New, fun sized Kingman Birdseye pebble choker. We commissioned the Kingman mine to hand sand pebbles for us with 3 mm holes. These are so difficult to make due to the larger leather hole needed. A harder grade, with solid matrix is required. Birdseye is rare and we can only get it every few years.                                                                                                Fine beveled 1/8th inch rich chocolate kangaroo leather with beautiful chunky hand sanded gem turquoise. These stones range from one inch to one and a half long. Amazing kangaroo leather, the strongest leather money can buy! 

15 inch choker, to fit right at the base of the neck.  The colors are a mix of blue and green with pretty dark copper matrix, to give you a beautiful variety. 

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