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Panama Gus Straw Hat

Panama Gus Straw Hat

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If you are looking for a light, breathable, classic hat, look no further. These fine weave Panama Hats, are hand-woven in Ecuador. I love this style, The Montana Slope or Gus Hat was developed after years of riding in the harsh western wind, needing a more aerodynamic hat or so they say. The name "Gus" coming from our favorite all time movie "Lonesome Dove". I just think this is the best looking western style going! 

These are a GRADE 8-10 4 to 4.5 INCH BRIM SEMI-FINO.

Finish your beautiful hat with one of our hatbands, are sold separately on our Hatbands page.

Panama hats are not from Panama but from primarily Ecuador. The hats are made from panama straw (Latin name Carludovica palmata or local common name paja toquilla), and are hats made from this particular straw. Theodore Roosevelt wore an Ecuadorian Panama Hat on the opening of the Panama Canal, and rumor has it, that is where the name came from! The quality of Panama Hats can vary significantly regarding grading and pricing. I have worked with this importer for hat bodies for over 10 years and finally have a great source, which is rare and expensive to import. Large brim hats are almost unheard of in Fino grades, but I have secured a handful of weavers to produce the beautiful, rare hats.

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